Control of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a parasitic insect that feeds on blood, preferably human.  Females lay 5 eggs a day.

They are quite small 3/16 inches but can easily be seen if detected.  They can live in your mattress, picture frames, cracks in walls, behind light switches, headboards etc

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Bed bug Actual size Reaction to bites

Bed bug bites can cause severe allergic reactions and terrible rashes and also mental phobias.

Bed bugs are great travellers, and love to go in your luggage, new furniture and can also live on birds, guaranteeing to get to a place near you.

Blood spots on your mattress is the most common way of detecting bed bugs.


Myth: Bed bugs do not bite
Reality: Bed bugs do bite and also suck your blood, like minature vampires

Myth : Bed bugs live in dirty places
Reality: Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt, they like warmth and carbon dioxide, but clutter provides more hiding places

Myth: Bed bugs cannot be seen by the naked eye
Reality: Bed bugs can be clearly seen by the naked eye

Myth: Bed bugs only live and hide in your bed
Reality: Bed bugs are usually hiding in headboards, cracks in floors/walls and even behind light switches

Myth: Bed bugs can fly
Reality: No they can't fly but move fast across all surfaces

Myth: Bed bugs transmit diseases
Reality: Bed bugs do not transmit diseases but can cause serious discomfort with allergic reactions from bites