Controling Infestations

Mouse Infestation

The most obvious sign of a mouse problem is usually noise at first. After a while, you may find droppings and some small holes (mice can get into a space the size of a small fingernail).  They also cause a lot of other problems including damage to electronics by eating through cables.    A lot of house fires have been caused by this.  They contaminate more food than is needed to feed the third world.

Rat Infestation

RatsRats are a lot more discreet than mice and are generally nocturnal so a lot of the time, you may see droppings, holes and greasy smear marks and hear them before you see one. 

They are clever animals and have similar behaviour to humans.  Their front teeth continue to grow so they might gnaw away to keep them filed down.

Building concrete, wires, pipes etc are therefore all at risk.